Why Choose TerraTrek?

Unbeatable Value for Your Adventure
  • Local Expertise, Affordable Rates: Our tours provide unbeatable value because we operate locally in the San Juan Islands. By being rooted in the community, we minimize operating costs and gain valuable insights, ensuring an exceptional and cost-effective experience for you.
  • Complimentary Adventure Extras: Enjoy complimentary whale watching cruises and kayaking tours, courtesy of our sister companies. These exciting activities are included in your package at no additional charge.
  • Island Exclusive: Focused solely on the San Juan Islands, we don't divert resources to marketing other locations. This exclusive dedication allows us to maintain affordable pricing for our guests, providing you with a unique and unforgettable island experience.
  • Dining Freedom on Inn Trips: Indulge in a personalized dining experience with our full menu options during all Inn Trips. Order dinner to your liking, ensuring a delightful culinary journey throughout your stay.
  • Sustainable Operations: Our commitment to sustainability shines through our solar-powered operations facility, clean water sources, and access to organic island produce. We prepare fresh and delicious meals in a clean environment, reducing waste and overall costs for our guests.

Welcome to TerraTrek, where we redefine your travel experience, engaging all your senses in an unforgettable journey.

Imagine cycling through picturesque farmland, the gentle chatter of sheep serenading you as you pedal along. Feel the rush as a majestic bald eagle soars overhead, the whisper of its wings creating a soundtrack to your adventure. On the west side of San Juan Island, the rhythmic blow of an orca whale punctuates your ride, a symphony of nature accompanying your every move. As you cycle through lush forests or past sweet-smelling blackberry patches, the earthy aroma envelops you, while the crisp coastal air tingles your senses. Feel the freedom to pause anywhere along your route, whether it's to explore a local artisan shop or a vineyard. And fear not about your newfound treasures; we'll gladly store your purchases in our van. At TerraTrek, we believe in connecting with nature while indulging in activities you love. Rest assured, your comfort is never compromised. Whether you choose to stay at the finest inns or experience first-class camping, accompanied by exquisite dining, we ensure every moment is a cherished memory that lasts a lifetime. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the journey, where nature and passion converge to create an unparalleled adventure.

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    TerraTrek's Distinctive Advantages:
  • Local Expertise, Personalized Tours: Owner-operated by second-generation islanders ensures an insider's touch, with the flexibility to modify tours based on local insights and community relationships.
  • Decades of Experience: Over two decades of excellence in bicycle and kayaking tours since 2001 and 1994, respectively.
  • Intimate Small Groups: Small groups of 10 or fewer participants for a personalized, superior experience, and a low participant to guide ratio (usually 5 to 1 or less).
  • Diverse Inclusive Activities: Inclusive variety of activities like hiking, kayaking, whale watching, and more.
  • Exceptional Guides and Safety Assurance: Dedicated team of top-tier professionals, guided by knowledgeable naturalists with a spotless safety record, guides trained in first-aid and CPR.
  • Community Support and Ongoing Improvement: Active support for the local community, from local partnerships to environmental volunteering and continuous improvement with top-quality gear, locally sourced meals, and a focus on small, flexible groups.