Why Choose TerraTrek?

  • We are able to offer our tours at such a reasonable rates because we are locally based right here in the San Juan Islands. Being a locally based company reduces our operating costs... as well as giving us a lot of insight which makes for a fantastic trip!
  • Our sister companies offer whale watching cruises and kayaking tours. We are able to include these activities at no additional charge to you.
  • We do not charge an additional rental fee for using our hybrid bicycles.
  • Our guests are able to order dinner off a full menu on all of our Inn Trips.
  • Our operations facility is powered by solar power. We have clean, well-sourced water on our property. We have access to island produce from organic island gardens. We are able to prepare delicious fresh food for our guests in a clean environment. We are able to store food since we are based "on-island" which minimizes waste and keeps the cost down for our guests.
  • San Juan Islands... Our Specialty. We only offer tours in the San Juan Islands. This means we do not need to spend large amounts of money on marketing other locations which keeps the cost down for our guests.

TerraTrek offers you an experience you may never achieve through traditional travel, indulging all of your senses.

For example during your day you might cycle past farmland dotted with sheep and since you are on a bicycle, you will be able to hear the sheep chatter or if a bald eagle fly's over you, you can listen to the whisper of his wings. It is not uncommon to hear the blow of an orca whale as one surfaces for air while cycling along the west-side of San Juan Island. You can enjoy the scent of the earth as you cycle through a forest or pass a patch of sweet smelling blackberries or the crisp salty coastal air. You can stop anywhere along the way and if you buy some pottery at the local artisan shop or vineyard, we are happy to store anything you purchase in our van. What better way to get in touch with nature while enjoying activities that you love? You won't compromise comfort because you will be staying at the finest inns or being treated to first class camping and dining on the most exquisite food available; therefore giving you experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

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Local Expertise

Anytime you get the chance to see a new place through the eyes of a local, you are guaranteed to have an enhanced overall travelling experience. TerraTrek is owner operated by second generation islanders who know where to find the best of the best and can easily modify a tour if necessary because we are local, know the land, and have established an excellent reputation with other local businesses in our community. We have been providing bicycle tours in the San Juan Islands since 2001 and offering kayaking tours since 1994.

Small groups

We take small groups of 10 or less on our standard tours and offer a low participant to guide ratio, normally 5 to 1 or less, giving our trips a personal touch. This allows our guides to focus on our guests' individual needs and desires, therefore providing them with a superior TerraTrek experience.

Variety of Activities

All TerraTrek vacations include a variety of activities such as hiking, sea kayaking, whale watching, wine tasting and plenty of bicycling. Most of the time you can do these activities for no additional charge while on the tour with us. For those individuals who would like a private or custom trip, TerraTrek can accommodate you. Just ask us and we'll arrange one for you.

Awesome Guides

The TerraTrek team of employees is among the best in the business. We feel that the main ingredient that distinguishes a great tour company is their staff. For this reason we invest a lot into our team from the office staff who organize your tour to the smiling faces that you see on your vacation. We reward them for their levels of excellence and commitment, always challenging them to outdo themselves. All of our groups are van supported and guided by naturalists.

Safety is our Priority

The safety of our guests and employees is the main factor which governs all of our activities. We are a well-established organization with a spotless safety record. All of our guides are trained in first-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. In addition, our guides have full authority to re-route or modify a tour when the conditions aren't adequate.

Always Evolving

We are always looking for ways to improve our tours and ensure the highest quality possible. One of the many ways which we do this is by using the very best equipment and gear, providing meals made with fresh local ingredients, knowing what is current and 'best of the best' regarding accommodations and restaurants. We provide all of the gear you will need or you may bring your own bike. We specialize in small groups so we can be flexible to our guests needs.

Supporting our Community

TerraTrek supports our local community through buying from small local businesses, farms and the local co-op. We serve local wines, hire local staff when possible and through community involvement such as volunteering on environmental projects and donations to local causes like scholarships for high school students.